It matters not in which country you live, the best education is something you should strive to provide for your child, if you want to give them the best possible start in life. Modern society is extremely competitive; check out the current crop of university graduates flooding into the job market, with too few positions available and you will understand why a top education is essential.

Non-English Speaking Countries

If you happen to live in Thailand, for example, it will be difficult for your child to get the exposure to the English language and without a level of fluency, this will limit their opportunities when searching for a career. Sending your child to an Americal High School in Bangkok is the perfect solution and if you start international education at pre-school age, fluency is guaranteed by the high school years. Sooner or later, your child has to negotiate English and if that doesn’t happen until the teenage years, this will be a problem when looking at university courses.

Active Learning Strategies

Research tells us that children learn best using a hands-on approach and the international curriculum uses project-based learning, which teaches the children essential life skills that will empower them as they reach working age. When looking at potential schools, always read their vision and mission statements, as these outline the values and beliefs of the school and all top schools should be using active learning strategies.

Thinking Outside the Box

Critical thinking skills are so important, especially in a fast-changing world such as the one we are living in; the right education is one that encourages critical thinking and enquiry, while also nurturing a life-long love of learning. This should start an a very early age, with pre-school teachers encouraging the children to think critically and helping them to find out the answers to many questions. While academic performance is important, we all need to develop critical thinking skills and the sooner that begins, the better.

Open Doors

If your son or daughter graduates from an international school, they will be able to enter the university of their choosing and will pass any English exams that are required for non-native English speakers. Once enrolled in a prestigious foreign university, your child will have the pick of the top careers upon graduation, as employers naturally want the best students.

If you would like more information about international programs in Thailand, or any other country, Google is your best friend and will lead you to the website of a local international school with a K-12 program.