When considering the ways in which teachers can better their day to day lives in the name of self-care, few stop to consider the influence their classroom plays in their mood. Not just the students that make up the classroom, but rather the atmosphere and environment itself. Is your classroom bleak and undecorated? Assuming you have the freedom to decorate it and take creative liberties for it into your own hands, consider adding decorations or various installations that can help curb your negative feelings throughout the day. For example, decorating a desk with pictures of your family, or illustrations from your family, can be a great way to find a moment of peace in the chaos throughout the day. Similarly, hanging up paintings or interesting posters throughout the classroom can help make you feel more comfortable while also simultaneously introducing students to artists they may have otherwise never known about.  While it’s clear that the environment a teacher works in is important, sometimes there are issues that teachers struggle with that can’t be solved by a redecoration of a space. To learn more about the ways in which teachers can handle these tougher moments through self-care, check out the infographic accompanying this post.

Teacher Self-Care 101

Teacher Self-Care 101, provided by Curriculum Associates; an organization specializing in offering educators and their students a  spanish reading comprehension test.