Your dorm room is everything when you get to college: a kitchen, a bedroom, a changing room, a gym, a study room, etc. A lot of gear needs to be packed in a tiny location. Find out what you need with this checklist before you go to college? Many of the items – such as bedding, baths, and equipment – are the most common ones for apartments near University of Manitoba.

  • Cozy Bedding

We wouldn’t blame you for it — after all, you are in high college and you need a good night’s sleep. You might splurge on a cloud-based duvet cover with an ultra-cooling sheet. However, if you want to get a comfy, fitted mattress, flat board, dust ruffle, and pillowcase for an inexpensive way, simply pick up a bed in a pack that comes in different colors.

  • Plates, Bowls, And Mugs

Even if you eat most of your time in the restaurant, there will be some days when you grab something in your room. Prepare your meal ware that includes dishes, bowls, and cups that you can easily use in the microwave and the dishwasher.

  • Laundry Hamper

Laundry is the simplest thing to keep clean in a dorm because you just have to stuff it all in a hamper.  This one has strong handles that allow you to carry a lot of the laundry to the washing machines.

  • Electronic Gadgets

Nobody warns college students about something: you won’t have enough sockets. Since you will have a lot of computer stuff, it is easier to have some backup. Small appliances rules vary among colleges, so you have to check if hot plates, kettles, microwaves, or coffee makers are permitted to be used. It helps to add comfort to the college life.

  • Storage Bins

Storage space is the trickiest problem to solve in a little dorm, so it’s wise to store it in multiple flexible containers and check if you can find somewhere to stash them out of sight.

  • Rug

Rugs enable dampen sound for your neighbors underneath you and also discourage you from being first in the morning to the cold ground. Make sure you have a tiny vacuum to clean it as well.

  • Bath Towels

Get high GHI rating towels that have high absorption, drying speed, softness, and fabric strength. You can therefore purchase a lot of them and procrastinate on doing laundry.