The Singapore Math Olympiad is an annual contest that tests students on their mathematical knowledge. As one of the most challenging math contests globally, it has been ranked as a “Class A” competition under the International Mathematical Olympiads (IMO) and is considered to be highly prestigious worldwide.

Many parents enroll their children in Singapore Math Olympiad preparation courses. If you are one of them, then you need to learn some important things about the contest and its prerequisites:

  • The exam format consists of two questions from a pool of six choices (QMM/PCM).
  • Participants will be awarded Gold medals only if they can answer all questions correctly.
  • A maximum of three chances is given for participants to solve the problems, but only one attempt per question will be graded.
  • Participants must work individually without any assistance from anyone else during the contest.
  • The exam takes place over two hours, and there is no break time in between.
  • The exam is held once a year in Singapore only, usually during May or June.

Final Words

The Singaporean government conducts this competition to encourage students’ interest in math, and for this reason, it is limited to high school students who are below 19 years old.