MBA, Master of Business Administration is one of the most renowned courses in the world. People from around the world want to get into colleges with the most prestigious names and alumni to back their careers. But it all doesn’t depend on where you want to get in, a course like executive mba in singapore fees also matters. Not everyone can afford an MBA abroad, you must take financing as a point to consider the perfect college. You cannot spend all your savings on the MBA, you might want to keep some for your business as well. But doing an MBA in Singapore is worth the money.


The only point put forward while studying MBA is that the government does not allow part-time jobs while studying. You have to concentrate on the degree itself. It should be taken into the picture that the fees to go abroad consists of:

  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Tuition
  • Miscellaneous

The residential programs are usually more expensive than regular ones. It must be carefully decided to wear and which place you would want to apply as not everyone can afford executive mba in singapore fees. College is a big decision and must not be taken in haste.