Technology is such a powerful thing, and when it intersects with that thing your child loves to do, like science (especially the fun kind of science), then you’ve got a match made in heaven. Digital media can allow you to explore topics in new ways and show that anything is possible.

You need to harness all of the many benefits of technology and put them to work for you. You can do so by becoming a knowledgeable consumer of technology, taking advantage of open-ended tools, and connecting the star-quality things your child loves with online communities. When that happens, you’ll be able to create experiences that spark your child’s imagination and curiosity.

Here are some ways to do just that:

Learn all you can about technology

Technology can be one of your best friends in parenting. But you’ll need to learn all you can about it. Take time to learn how to use the devices your child loves, and introduce them to their newest gadgets and apps. But don’t just expect technology to come out fully formed. You’ll need to be involved in its development too. Ask questions, and be willing to compromise when appropriate. Don’t just stick technology in the background; use it to its best advantage.

Connect technology with things your child loves

The Internet is a wonderful place for creating experiences that connect the world of your child’s passions with technology. Take their latest interest, and use technology to engage in it in a new way. That could mean creating an interactive science experiment, resulting in an excellent video or even a few small products. You can also take that love of sports and make your child the star athlete in a sports simulation game. See what your child’s interests are and how technology can help to inspire them.

Connect with other parents

When you think about it, the Internet is a kind of virtual playground where everyone has the opportunity to play the same games. And the best part about that is the ability to connect with other kids and parents. Look for online communities where you can talk about your child’s interests and learn from their experiences. You’ll find a lot of ideas and more information about it that you could never even imagine.

Pursue avenues that are science-driven

We talked about technology quite a bit, but science is something that can be equally as exciting. Sometimes it’s best to allow your child to pursue science in the absence of electronic devices. What you’re trying to do here is to motivate them to get away from the screen and get them to find the world around them fascinating. If you can make sure there are enough science-related activities in your child’s life, then they’ll be excited to get online later on and learn even more about it.

Guidance is what your child wants, and a little encouragement along the way

Getting kids excited about learning is essential for their development and future success. That’s because when kids love to learn, they take the initiative to do it on their own without much prompting from parents. That self-motivation is something that can carry them through their education—and even into adulthood.