ICF (International Coaching Federation) is a renowned coaching body in the international market. Precisely, it offers two different pathways of accreditation to individuals looking forward to becoming full-time executive coaches. The first is the ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program) pathway, and the second is the ACSTH (Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours) pathway. While both these pathways lead an individual to become an accredited executive coach, ACTP is often a preferable option.

The ICF accredited coach training program is all one needs to transform into a professional executive coach. Unlike regular teaching, this job role entails an individual to lead and guide well-qualified professionals through the corporate world. For a detailed understanding of what this program entails, click and know more here. First, let us understand who can benefit from this accreditation and how they can use it to the best!

ICF Accredited ACTP Training: Who Should Do It?

Who can benefit from an ICF accredited coach training program? This question often intrigues people who want to coach in the corporate fields. So, here is a list that approves a few groups of people as the suitable ones for this certification.

Aspiring Coaches

Many individuals aspire to become executive coaches to pass on their wisdom and knowledge. An aspiring coach can take this certification to get the required recognition and name in the corporate world. The better the firm, the higher are its demands from an executive coach. So, one needs to be prepared for the best!

Corporate Trainers

Some people already work as corporate trainers who aim at developing the soft skills and stress management skills of the employees. This  ICF accredited coach training program can work as an add-on benefit for them.

Skill Development Trainers

The demand for skill development trainers has increased ever since corporate companies have started investing in their workforce. A trainer can look up to this opportunity and acquire the certificate to become an accredited trainer. This certification will be another feather on the hat that can help trainers get a better job!

Corporate Heads

Corporate heads can lead their team themselves by acquiring the required knowledge from this comprehensive program.

Tips To Find The Best ACTP Training Service Provider

Many training houses serve as official facilitators of this ICF accredited coach training program. One should have the eye to identify the best one available. Since the quality of this training program will determine the kind of executive coach one becomes, it is essential to make a wise choice here. Here are a few tips that can help one identify the best service provider available!

  • Choose an institute that has an international reach to get better exposure. Some training centres operate locally, which limits the trainers to some extent. So, it is best to go for an internationally recognised organisation.
  • Go through the feedback and market fame of the organisation. It is unlikely for a group to survive long with a negative image in the market.
  • Check the profiles of the coaches available to provide the ICF accredited coach training program.
  • Verify all the details available on the website to make an informed decision.

The Bottom Line

The ACTP accreditation can open numerous career paths and possibilities for people who have a knack for it. Since training educated professionals can be a challenge, one needs to go through a comprehensive training program. Do not rely upon any random source to get the ACTP certificate.

The benefits of executive coaching services are duly noted by corporate firms. Therefore, getting employment opportunities after completion of this program is not a challenge. All one has to do is acquire the certificate from a reliable source!