Electrocardiograph technicians (EKG) are appointed to perform some tests. They assist physicians in analyzing cardiovascular ailments in patients. To become an Electrocardiograma technician, you need to get enrolled in an EKG technician certification class. After passing the certification exam, you will be qualified to handle a variety of tasks including setting up and performing EKG, preparing patients for Holter or ambulatory monitoring and stress tests, recognizing cardiac rhythms, and more.

As an EKG technician, your main duty is testing to measure a heartbeat’s electrical activity. Doing EKGs detects irregularities with the possibility to result in a heart attack or heart disease. Also, you will explain procedures to patients, monitoring blood pressure, and position patients. If you are planning to start or continue a healthcare career, there are many reasons to become an EKG technician. These include the following:

Get the Ability to Help Others

Whether you have entered the healthcare field or are still planning to do so, you may be interested in helping people every day. While EKG testing is non-invasive, it is vital as it can save lives. Administering the test offers data for doctors to effectively treat the patient under your care.

Get Certified Quickly

If you cannot tackle your EKG technician course full-time, you can obtain certification within just three months. But, if you can only take courses part-time, you can take advantage of weekend programs that can get you certified within six months. In terms of getting an EKG certification, you have the flexibility and proceed at your own pace. The exact length of time needed to complete an EKG technician course depends on your provider. But, you make pick a place that continues to give assistance as you try to get certified.

Take Advantage of Career Advancement Opportunities

Whether you want to get a higher position at your current company or head out to find greener pastures elsewhere, an EKG technician certification can be your stepping stone to a new role and higher pay. For instance, you can get a certification to become a certified phlebotomy technician to pair with your existing certification. By having both certifications, you can give your career a much-needed boost. Sometimes, a certified EKG technician can become a medical assistant or patient care technician.

Enjoy Job Security

The market for EKG technicians is continuing to grow rapidly. Much of this growth is attributed to the aging Baby Boomer population. However, regardless of the reason, the EKG technician role offers solid job security.