There are varied roles in allied healthcare sector to consider. If you want to work in the healthcare industry and wish to start a job as soon as possible, do give a thought to the role of a medical assistant. It is important to understand thatmedical assistants are not same as nursing assistants and physician’s assistant. A medical assistant typically is engaged in clinical and admin tasks at different healthcare facilities, such as clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, elderly care facilities, and other related facilities. To start your career, you must complete a Medical Assistant program, from an accredited school. Most postsecondary courses have a duration of two years, while there are also diploma courses of one year.

Duties and role

A medical assistant is responsible for both clinical and admin tasks at a medical facility. They may be in charge of managing patient records, or may have to work with patients directly, to take vital signs, prep them for appointments and tests, and help them with understanding aspects like insurance and medical procedures. In some states, the laws allow medical assistants to administer medicine too. Admin tasks may include scheduling appointments, sending blood samples for testing, keeping a check on stock and inventory, completing forms related to insurance, and so on.

Benefits and perks

As a medical assistant, you get to work directly with doctors and patients, and there is an incredible amount of satisfaction in that. Secondly, medical assistants get paid well. In states in New York, the salaries are much higher than the national average, and the next few years, the demand for MAs is expected to increase by more than 25%. In other words, if job security and good pay matters to you over everything else, this is the ideal career option. Also, as you grow ahead and again experience, you can complete further education and become a registered nurse. You may also have senior admin roles as a medical assistant.

Final word

The role and work of medical assistants cannot be overstated, and for a lot of young students, the pay and scope of the job do matter. The career outlook is better than most average professionals, and if the current pandemic is any indicator, the demand for professionals in allied healthcare is only going to increase. This is the perfect time to get trained and become a medical assistant.

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