Allied healthcare is among the sectors not affected by economic slowdown and recession. For many young students, becoming a doctor or nurse may not be an option, but they want to start their career in healthcare as early as possible. If you are one of them, you should definitely consider the role and career of a patient care technician. There are many schools that offer cursos de medicina en Miami for PCTs, and you can start working within 2 years. In this post, we are talking in depth about becoming a Patient Care Technician.

The role of patient care technicians

As the name suggests, PCTs are engaged directly in offering patient care. They help patients with their day-to-day tasks like personal hygiene, taking medications and food, and completing daily chores. They are also trained for monitoring vital signs of patients and update doctors and physicians on the same. All patient care technicians are capable of obtaining samples and reading results, and they are also trained for healing wounds, offering first aid where needed, and infection control. Many PCTs may also stay with patients and accompany them for studies, tests, and appointments.

Work environment

Usually, patient care technicians work for nursing homes, senior living facilities, and     rehabilitation centers. Some may also work for laboratories, blood banks, and agencies that offer in-house patient care. You may be employed to take care of a patient at his/her home, doing the same role as you would be doing otherwise at a nursing home.

Getting PCT certificate

To become a Patient Care Technician, you have to complete your education and earn a certification program. Some courses only last for six weeks, and you can start working immediately. During the program, you will learn more about anatomy, physiology, and other medical aspects, besides getting trained for clinical services that PCTs are expected to offer.

The increasing demand

The demand for patient care technicians has increased considerably in the United States, and experts agree that these roles in allied healthcare are likely to become more significant in years to come. The career outlook for patient care technicians is excellent and above the standard average.

Final word

As a patient care technician, you are expected to be compassionate, empathetic and must have good communication skills. Patience is also a virtue that comes in handy in this profession, which demands direct interaction with those in need of healing and rehabilitation.