There are numerous roles within the healthcare industry that extend beyond the standard options of becoming a doctor or nurse. The increasing demand for medical staff is evident, and if you want to join the industry and start working immediately, profile of a medical assistant might be a suitable option. In this post, we are sharing all you must know about this professional.

What do medical assistants do?

In simple words, medical assistants are responsible for various clinical and admin tasks, and they are typically employed at different healthcare facilities, such as physician’s office, hospitals, and clinics. They are mostly assigned clinical tasks, like prepping a patient before the visit, doing basic lab tests, drawing blood and so on, while admin roles require medical assistants to keep records, maintain and schedule appointments of doctors, handle specialist referrals, and updating various charts.

Starting your career

Right after your high school, you can join a medical assistant program, and after completing the course, you can start immediately. The choice of school is important for finding placements, but most medical assistants also learn a considerable part of their work on the job. Formal training is, however, necessary and important. It should be noted that medical assistants are not same as nursing assistants. The latter is more involved in offering personal care to patients.

Salary and more

Most medical assistants who are employed at outpatient care centers get paid well, with median annual salary being over $33,000. It also depends on experience, overall expertise, and where the person works. Those employed at hospitals also earn well. Since the demand for additional medical staff is on the rise, certified medical assistants don’t find it hard to find a job. Some states have better salaries than others, so that makes a difference to the initial money you make.

Making the choice

If you are good at admin tasks and want to work in the healthcare sector without studying for a decade, like a doctor, this could be a good way to start. Experts believe that medical assistants will be required in large numbers, and this is one of the few industries, which are unlikely to be affected by economic slowdown, or other factors. You can check online for schools that have specific programs for aspiring medical assistants.

Once you are a CNA, you can start working immediately, and the regular tasks and challenges at the job can be quite fulfilling.