More parents are interested in Classical Christian education than ever before. So, how is a Classical Christian School different from the standard conventional Christian school? Classical Christian education is about the study of liberal arts and historical books. It focuses on the “Trivium”, which consists of grammar, logic, and rhetoric, besides various other subjects, including astronomy, geometry, and even study of Latin and Greek. The basic purpose of classical education is to encourage students to think and learn. Popular schools like Providence Classical School in Katy Texas focus on the basics of Classical Christian education, taking the movement ahead.

The basics

Experts of classical education agree that this is an effective means of education, primarily because how students are taught. Knowing about the trivium is important in this case. The first stage is called grammar, where students learn about memorizing things through chants, songs, and even rhymes. In the K-6 level, if students can learn to memorize a song, they are likely to remember the same all through their life. Between grades 7 and 9, students are in the logic stage, where they begin to question things. They are interested in knowing answers for the “whys”. Students are encouraged to reason, form logic, and argue without losing out on wisdom.

The final one is the rhetoric stage, which is between the grade 10 and 12, students are encouraged to be independent thinkers. Students don’t merely speak through words, but also retain eloquence. This is the precise reason why students of classic education are great readers, writers and thinkers.

Why is classic education important?

Classical education existed for centuries and have produced some of the most popular leaders, scientists and experts we know throughout history. Classical education is not new, but there is no denying that as progressive education emerged in 1900s, the popularly did decline to an extent. Today, more parents are interested in classical schools, because they want kids to know about the world through God’s story and have their own say in the changing world.

The myths

It’s a common myth that the changing world needs modern education only, and there is no room for classical schools. Parents are also wrong in believing that child wouldn’t be capable of learning at a classical school, or this kind of education is too extreme.

If you are looking for classical schools, check the ambience and find more about a school before enrolling your child.